A range of curves unique in Europe


Moulds, shells, seats, backrests, radiuses

Specialising in the design and production of moulded plywood, laminated plywood and bentwood pieces, Régnier offers a wide range of curves combining design and comfort.

Our competitive advantage lies in the design of unique moulds, shells, seats, backs and radiuses, which enhance professional spaces and employee productivity.

Our bespoke products guarantee comfort and simplicity. Our catalogue contains a wide and unique range of curves and our production methods allow us to offer an infinite number of curves.

We offer three product ranges:
  • Basic: our economy range
  • Comfort: for a pleasant sitting experience
  • Ergonomic: for high quality lumbar support 

Our products are created according to very specific criteria

  • Shells: plywood pieces comprising a backrest and seat in a 3D curve, bringing comfort and design to the chair.
  • Seats: these have a round or U-shaped bowl, with or without a flap.
  • Backrests: these have a straight part that fits into two studs or are curved for excellent lumbar support.

Different sizes are also available

  • Children
  • Adult 5/6
Seat comfort must be quantifiable in terms of its anthropometric, kinematic and functional aspects. These curves meet the needs of our customers in terms of use and efficiency.

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