Wood is more and more present in interior decoration and renovation sector


Year after year, the interior decoration and design sector continues to show solid growth ranging between 3 % and 5 %. This sector alone generates an annual turnover of between 16 and 24 billion euros.

The French’s enthusiasm for interior design is the result of a desire for comfort and quality of life both in the workplace and at home. When seeking assistance in the renovation of their interiors, the French turn to professionals: interior designers, decorators, architect builders.

Interior decorators 

The explosion of decoration and architecture related TV and online shows, coupled with the  development of applications such as Pinterest and Houzz which provide an unlimited source of inspiration, it is now possible to imagine the house of your dreams or the ideal office space so that employees can feel at home.  

Asserting your individuality via your interior has become a full-blown trend. In the end, interior designers are the big winners. Materials, colors, finishes, French people want furniture to suit their image and the features they require.

With Régnier, you can customize your seat by choosing a curved shape from our catalogue of 400 moulds, a essence, a color, a varnish… In addition, our seats stand up to the challenges of everyday life. Highlight volumes beautifully, bring rhythm to a room in need of personality... The moulded plywood is second to none to bring an authentic and charming atmosphere.

Interior designers

For 33% of French people, furniture is the most important product in the furnishing and decoration of the house, which means their attachment to furniture.

Another interesting thing to note, in recent years, more and more French are choosing organic. Ecology is becoming the center of global concerns just like product traceability. These are issues that interior designers have observed and responded to. Hence, their desire to promote French expertise and the concept of a short distribution channel.

To accompany this evolution of the market, Régnier strives to work in a virtuous circle, from the natural resource (French wood from sustainably managed forests) to the production in the factory in Clairvaux in Aube (maximum reduction of waste and 100% natural treatment). The company offers furniture that can find its place in the areas of housing, communities, professional spaces, hotels, airports, shops and restaurants.

If the design and decoration world is doing well despite the dismal economic context, it is also and primarily because the French attach great importance to the quality and comfort of their interiors.

Ecological, noble and warm, wood combines all the qualities for the habitat of tomorrow. This is why Régnier is committed to and evolving to create ever more functional, aesthetic and ergonomic furniture.