How to choose your seat when you are a collectivity ?

Whether you are manager for a company, school director or theater director, you will need to provide your rooms armchairs for the comfort of your visitors It is therefore important to adapt and harmonize your armchairs according to the use that you intend for your room.

Meeting room, seminar, cinema, school, amphitheater, the selection of your seats is not trivial.

The requirements applicable to the furniture of an ERP (Establishment receiving the public) are defined in the Safety Regulations against the risk of fire and panic in ERP (Order of 25 June 1980 amended).

In the case of furniture intended for the reception, the accommodation and the restoration of collective structures, the criteria of safety, hygiene, solidity of the furniture or sustainability are paramount.

Meeting room

Individual seats are not subject to specific regulations, except for certain types of ERP such as auditoriums or showrooms.

Depending on the character of the meeting, you can opt for one of the various chair styles. Undoubtedly, the choice of chairs and other furniture is characteristic of your company. So, possess a high quality equipment, design and especially very comfortable and essential for the image of your company when you have guests.


For furniture, many standards regulate each type of product: beds, chairs, tables, shelves ...

The materials constituting the non-padded seats and padded seat structures must be of category M3 (Order of 6 March 2006).

Chairs must be rigid, stable (ie vibration-proof), smooth (this means avoiding any roughness), resistant to corrosion; have good resistance to food products, household and household products and be protected against dust.

Conference and shows room

Regarding the installation of chairs in rows, the regulations are stricter. They must be firmly attached to form blocks that are difficult to reverse. Reverse chairs can turn into dangerous obstacles in case of emergency evacuation and panic. In addition, it is stipulated that the materials constituting the seats installed in rows must be classified M3 (moderately flammable).

Some armchairs offer fitting solutions adapted to conference or seminar rooms as well as amphitheatres and auditoriums. A foldable seat gives them a compact appearance. At Régnier, we make the necessary elements for retractable chairs.

At Régnier, we work on designing furniture for schools, theaters and offices throughout Europe. Thus, we guarantee you compliance with national and European standards. All our furniture elements meet the requirements of safety, dimensions, resistance and stability.

Finally, at Régnier, we know that furniture for collectivities must be comfortable so that the public finds satisfaction in your establishments from the moment they are seated whether for a meeting or a concert. That's why we develop ergonomic ranges that meet different morphologies.