Made In France by Régnier

Designed, manufactured but also assembled in the hexagon, furniture made in France has the wind in its sails. Armed with artisanal and industrial know-how, Regnier strives to create contemporary and functional furniture. Christophe Février, President of Régnier and the Manufactures Fevrier Group's mission is to design custom products 100% made in France, aesthetic and sustainable.

Combining performance and ecology

87% of the French people believe they contribute to respect the environment by buying French products.

At Régnier, we favor the short circuit and reduce the carbon impact of our plant. In particular, we use wood from the massifs in the region. Our subcontractors are also close to our factories.

Our products are entirely French. The whole plywood process is carried out in our factory in Aube department. Regnier, whose subcontractors also work in a radius close to our region.

Have a positive impact on employment in France

95% of the French want to support the national industry. To safeguard know-how and jobs in the regions, and to make the plant part of the centers of excellence capable of supporting international competition, Régnier capitalizes on an approach to craft work associated with the latest technological tools. Deciding to make Made in France is not just a marketing approach. It is a choice, a bias by which a brand is committed from a social point of view. Our Made In France is above all a promise to our customers: a promise of aesthetics, know-how, heritage and daring, linked in particular to our ability to undertake on the territory to create value and maintain jobs in the region!

Responsible prices

The goal: make sense of the purchase but also the price!

At Régnier, we decided to apply a fair price. For us, the right price is the one that allows to remunerate at fair value (no more, no less) each stakeholder, each link in the production chain. The fair price must be consistent with the quality of the product purchased.

Promote French excellence in manufacturing but also in design

Making Made in France is good, especially at the manufacturing level, but beyond that, we must not forget that France has been and still is a driving force in the design world.

The list of contemporary creators of international renown is very long. Many of them are French: Philippe Starck, Matali Crasset, "Le Corbusier", Pierre Favresse ...

These designers come from equally famous design schools in the world: ENSCI-Les Ateliers, Paris, Nantes-Atlantique School of Design, ENSAD, Paris, Ecole Boulle, Paris

Regnier, for example, has over the years developed many privileged partnerships with renowned designers such as Lionel Scharly but is also keen to introduce future talents such as Louis Kagan, a young interior designer.