Large volume and tailor-made: the Régnier trademark

For more than 50 years, Régnier has been manufacturing molded plywood seating elements and transforming wood with high added value.

400 molds for a complex wood veneer

Molded-pressed wood is a very widely used material especially in furniture.

We have the ability to mold pieces of different sizes to make chairs shells, armrests, shelves, folders and even other items of furniture ... We work 5 wood species from PEFC certified forests. Instead of pressing flat, pressing is done on one of our 400 molds to give a shape to the veneer.

A powerful machine park

The factory located in Clairvaux has 57 presses, 6 robots, 4 numerical controls and 3 machining centers. This unique machine park in France allows us to offer our customers large production capacity in a very short time. We work together with our customers and our design office from a very precise specification, plan or part, model provided by our customers from all types of markets: schools, communities, airports, hotels and restaurants, theaters.

We are thinking with our client about a solution that addresses a mainly industrial problem. We are often manufacturer of components that will necessarily be part of a larger part. For example, we create the molded plywood seat and back that will then be nested to the finished product, including the seat for school or community. Today we produce more than 2 million pieces a year, and our business continues to grow

A unique know-how Made in France

"Frenchness is a story to tell, it is both a defect and a quality, it is the obsession of meaning and the taste for detail, it is finally what drives us to excellence »Likes to explain the ingenious creator and designer Philippe Starck

To precisely meet the requirements of excellence of our customers, our advanced technology allows us to create curves with very complex machining services.

Our finishing shop is dedicated to delivering sanded, machined and ready to be varnished or lacquered parts.

At Régnier, our leitmotiv is to sell more than just one product: an integrated solution.