Importance of furniture in France


For 33% of French people, furniture is the most important product in the design and decoration of the house, ie their attachment to furniture.

According to a study conducted by IPEA (Institute for Promotion and Studies of Furnishings), furniture must contribute to the conviviality and comfort of their home. The choice of furniture is not only a question of style but must fulfill a functional and comfortable role.

French people love their furniture

The furniture is considered a real piece of heritage because it is attached to memories and is passed down from generation to generation. This same study indicates that a table is kept on average 19 years, a chair 18 years. Today, the keystone of furniture is personalization. Materials, colors, finishes, the French want furniture in their image and responding to the features they require.

At Régnier, you can customize your seat by choosing a curve from our catalog of 200 molds, a gasoline, a color, a varnish ... In addition, our seats withstand the challenges of everyday life.

The wood finds again its letters of nobility

For too long considered obsolete or too rustic, wood is now appreciated by designers and is at the heart of current trends.

Not content to regain its nobility, wood is now synonymous with modernity. A success due in large part to the Scandinavian trend democratized especially by large furniture brands, which have definitely inscribed the cozy and functional interiors, characteristic of the Nordic lifestyle, to the rank of models of interior decoration.

The wood trend also evolves alone and stands out in the decorating sphere. No need of fireworks: natural or tinted, the wood alone offers a palette of colors and extraordinary materials and endless possibilities of warm and refined creations.

In harmony with other materials

Steel, glass, aluminum, foams, leather, synthetic fabrics and many other new materials have complemented wood and upholstery in the range of designers and designers. They resort to "material library" like that of FCBA. Research on innovative materials and ergonomics, eco-design and design opens up new possibilities.

French furniture production is close to 6.6 billion euros, of which 75% for industry and 25% for handicrafts. The first sector of use is represented by the office, the communities: nurseries, schools, hospitals, places of sport and leisure.

Régnier is developing new ranges alongside designers in order to create seats that combines comfort and design, as well as ever more functional seating to meet the needs of its main customers in the collectivities and office sectors.

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