When Regnier give his chance to a young designer


Louis Kagan, a talented artist

A chair is the fruit of a challenge between the designer and his thought. Louis Kagan, a young interior designer, supported his creative approach and design expertise to reinvent his own interpretations of chair design. With Régnier, company of the group Les Manufactures Fevrier, specialized in molded plywood seat since 1949, he created a new range of chairs whose claim is not to reinvent the art of sitting but to show that the design and comfort can be accessible to the greatest number.

 The chair is a universal furniture. Chairs, more than any other furniture in terms of design, must meet many constraints. They are not only made to enter catalogs but to meet specific needs: relax, get together, work, eat ... The greatest designers have imagined, thought, studied it a thousand times already.  

portrait Louis Kagan

A unique style combining design and comfort

Louis Kagan, a young interior designer, trained at Penninghen, the Graduate School of Graphic Arts, member of the Cumulus network, the European Association of Universities and Schools of Art, Design and Media, chose to rely on the Régnier's historic molds catalog to reinvent new seats, both design and functional. He had access to the entire bank of curves and materials, from which he imagined new drawings.

Louis Kagan drew his inspiration from the same technique of manufacturing molded wood seating: peeling, pressing, machining and finishing. It mixes the refined Japanese style with a deep low armchair and sleek lines perfect in a living room; the retro style of the fifties with colorful chairs and original shapes that will find their place in a dining room; or the classicism of an ergonomic chair with an opening for easy transport, ideal in offices, collectivities, hotels, restaurants.  

The design chair is made accessible thanks to a clever mix of crafts and industry. At Régnier, quality control is a fundamental element to guarantee performance, the best value for money and promote excellence in the French way.

Chaise design 2 Louis KaganChaise desing 1 Louis Kagan

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