Specialized in children wood seat

Régnier manufactures school-chair seats, back panels and seat-shells, from Kindergarten to secondary school. Security and health are the keywords of our products.


In order to continuously increase the quality of our products and our customers satisfaction, each piece is designed in such a way as to combine practicality and modernity in compliance with current standards.

A suitable design, result of extensive research

Modern shape, rounded edges for children’s safety, ergonomics, comfort, stability, aesthetics, modularity, lightness: we are mindful of all these elements when we prepare with our customer his drawing plan.

Régnier attaches special importance to details that make the difference: our pieces are designed to be light, easy to handle, playful and colourful. In short, it’s made especially to please children!

We design elements for school children, from nursery to high school, size T00 to T6 and for teachers too.

These Euro sizes reach the European standard NF EN 1729.

Our school elements are adapted to the pedagogies implemented for the development of children with regard to teachers comfort.

Healthy wood seat

“Three out of four French children breathe too toxic air,” according to the WHO.

That is why making children move in a healthier environment, thanks to wood, a noble material known for its comfort and which does not release contaminating emissions into indoor air, is one of our missions of which we are particularly proud.

By using a water varnish which does not emit Vocs (volatile organic compounds) we don’t endanger environment with the chemical compounds contained in commonly used varnishes that evaporate at room temperature, pollute the air and can cause serious damage to human health.

All Régnier products comply with safety standards and European directives on early childhood.

We put our creativity at your disposal and we can advise you in the choice of machining, finishing and colors. We offer tailor-made projects. We are open to your comments and you can count on our expertise to guide you in the choices that best meet your expectations for your school furniture.

Our goal with you is to design warm and secure seating elements that promote both the awakening and well-being of young children and the comfort of teaching professionals.

A powerful machine park

Our high performance is made possible by digitally controlled machines which optimize manufacturing accuracy and reduce scrap wood.

Machining and finishing are developed in collaboration with our customers to best meet their needs.

Laminated wood suitable for intensive use, oiled edges, milled holes to prevent screws from protruding… we pay particular attention to the reliability of the parts we manufacture.


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