Why would you hire a designer?


"Design has become the most powerful tool with which man trains his tools and environment." Victor Papanek, Austro-American designer

Design is innovation. Design articulates interrelated issues. Taking into account global constraints, in particular by focusing directly on the end user, the design is increasingly integrated centrally and strategically by the innovation departments.

The different services of a designer

Today, the designer is active in several sectors: automotive, high-tech, culinary arts, furniture...
He assimilates the specifications defined by his client for the realization of his project. He imagines, writes, draws and models to visualize ideas. He leads them in prototype or model form, checks, tests and improves them, which gives the final project. Finally, it carries out the technical execution and assists its customers in its manufacture.

The benefits of hiring a designer

Often considered a luxury reserved for a clientele that has the financial means, it is necessary to know that to call upon a designer does not necessarily mean: exorbitant prices. To call on them, can even sometimes be less expensive than if you had done it yourself since they know the tricks and will be able to find quality products.

In addition, they know the trends and colors of the moment and will be able to offer a design and modern product tailored to the tastes of their customer.
They are listening and can advise at best on the type of product desired, on the latest trends or colors of the moment.

Régnier, for example, has over the years developed many privileged partnerships with renowned designers such as Lionel Scharly but also has at heart to make discover future talents such as Louis Kagan, young interior designer.

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